Justin Werner,




"Justin found us a house that gave us OVER $33,000 OF INSTANT EQUITY! With all of the homes out there he got us the perfect one. Thank you for all of your hard work. You were our angel. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are in our prayers and now you are part of our family." 

Jaime & Gloria G.


"Justin made great suggestions for me to update my house & we got multiple offers. Justin got me over $8,000 above our asking price!"

Rodrigo A.


"Justin sold my house for 103.3% of my asking price in only 3 days and worked the multiple buyer's offers against each other perfectly!"

Rosa A.


“Justin sold my house in only 16 days and for 97.6% of the asking price! Even though I was out of state and never even physically met with Justin, he made everything from listing to closing go really smooth.”

Ronald Z.


"Justin sold our house in 5 days for over asking price!"

Homero & Olga S.


"Justin sold my house for 100% of my asking price and did it in only 22 days!"

Elizabeth D.


"Justin helped me get the property I wanted for an amazing 83.5% of the list price!"

Michael B.


"Thank you Justin, for everything. I liked your simple, straight-forward, professional approach. It is very much appreciated. Love how quickly my home was sold" (in 6 days)

Tommy H.


"Justin sold my house in 8 days and for 100% of my asking price! SMOOTH!!!"

Daniel B.


"Justin was very communicative throughout the whole process. Our house sold for more than originally suggested selling price within 30 days (17 days actually -jw). Justin promptly addressed every question & concern. We greatly appreciate his energy & dedication."

Karin & Michael W.


"Ever since our first contact with Justin he has been extremely accommodating, patient and receptive to our needs.  Justin regularly emailed us information on houses for our consideration, in preparation of Don's house hunting trip to the area.  Justin's customer service commitment was evident during Don's week long stay in San Antonio.  He dedicated the week to assisting Don in finding the right home for us. As to what stands out the most, we would have to say it was Justin's ability to save the house closing.  Apparently the seller had decided not to go through with the closing after receiving a copy of the finalized HUD statement.  They realized they would not be receiving as much cash at closing as they had anticipated (apparently the seller's agent wasn't as accurate with the numbers as Justin was).  When Justin became aware of the seller's intention to back out, he took it upon himself to work out deals with the lender, title company and the seller's agent to reduce their fees in order to ensure the seller received what they needed to go forward. The fact that he was able to resolve the problem before having to notify us that there was one, was impressive.  Considering this was days before the scheduled closing, and a week and a half before our move, my stress level was already high.  I can only imagine the melt down I would have had if Justin had called to tell me about the issue without having a resolution worked out. Although we don't know of anyone in the San Antonio area who is looking to buy or sell a home right now, we would definitely recommend Justin if the opportunity arises in the future."

Cindy J. (and fiance Don B.) 


"Justin was extremely informative and made me feel well-prepared while purchasing my first home. He was very responsive to my calls, texts and emails."

Kelsey W.


"The only person I would recommend is Justin Werner!! Awesome! After you sold our first home 6 years ago, we vowed never to work with another agent. You make the process very easy. You always kept us informed and gave us great suggestions to help sell our home quickly." What stands out most is "the amount of showings we had and how quickly you sold our home. You recommended a price to sell and it sold! Thank you so much for making our selling of our home smooth. We look forward to working with you in August when we purchase another home."

Joseph & Rachel J.


"Justin sold our house in only 20 days in a neighborhood where the homes that do sell take over 3 months to do so! We really enjoyed working with Justin and if anyone can get your house sold it's him. We are now looking forward to buying our next house with Justin as well. Justin was awesome!!"

Michael & Leslie R.


"Justin sold our house in 7 days. We had it listed for $105,000 and it sold for $108,500. When the first buyer backed out, Justin had the backup buyer under contract the same day!"

Michael V.


"You were always keeping me up to date on everything in which was going on with selling my house, explained things in detail, very patient and you always went out of your way. When it seemed like we had nowhere else to turn and when most people would have given up, you always continued & always tried to make sure you had done everything in your power to get the job done. When I heard you were the only one who could help me in my situation, that was the honest truth. Thank you again for your time and endless effort to make this short sale happen. It would not have been possible without you."

Diane C.


"Justin guaranteed he would sell my house in under 120 days and he got it sold in only 58 days. And he sold it for 98.3% of my asking price! Justin was very professional; hands off when he needed to be, hands on when I had questions. I'm very satisfied."

Robert D.


"I cannot say enough of what you have done for me and how much you have helped me. Without you I'm sure my house in S.A. would still be on the market. I have to tell you that I usually interview 3 Realtors, but when you showed up (you were the first one) I knew you were the ONE!! and cancelled all the other ones. I thank you so very much for all the help you have given me in staging and other suggestions. No Realtor we had before (and we always dealt w/ RE/MAX only) did all the big and little things you did for me. You are the BEST!"

Lilo R.


I hope you know how much of a difference you have made on my life. Thank you so much for your help at every stage! I love my home.

Jennifer K.


"Finally, no more renting! I'm truly blessed to have the most AWESOME Realtor in San Antonio Justin Werner
(RE/MAX)...guiding me through this home buying process. The impossible has been made possible. Justin guided me through everything and he went out of his way to make sure that things got done when I wasn't available to be somewhere or do something. I am so glad that everything went so smoothly and everything just fell into place. I'm excited, can't wait to move into my very own house."

Maria G.

"You were highly recommended by close friends. After interviewing other agents we were confident you could do the best job! You sold our house in 14 days! And for full asking price! You made the process of selling our home as easy and efficient as possible for us."

Mark and Mariley J.


"Justin's recommendations for staging the house were right on target. Also Justin's eye and ability in photographing the home were outstanding! He sold our house in only 4 days. When that buyer's financing fell through, he had a higher, better offer (which closed) in our hands the very next day!"

Stephen & Sharon T.


"Excellent Realtor! Very cool under pressure. The process was pretty smooth. I will give your name at future meetings and parties. Thanks again Justin!"

Brad P.


"Justin did a great job selling our home. Justin smoothed everything over and got us under contract in only 9 days after hitting the market. It shows you enjoy doing what you do "

Christine F.


"I really want to thank you for all your hard work in selling the house. Appreciate the long hours and sweat you put into it. You made the impossible happen with the circumstances. I'll never forget what you did."

Lorena H.


"We were very pleased with the professional presentations Justin posted on websites. Our house showed beautifully & sold in a week. Justin knew what we needed to do to get it ready. We liked that you didn't ask us to do anything unnecessary to our home to get it ready to sell." Looking back what stands out most is "how quickly you responded to messages. We will be happy to refer you to our friends."

Joni H.


"Justin Werner takes his job seriously. From beginning to end and even after, Justin took care of me. He is organized, knowlegeable and available."

Neil H. 


"Justin sold our house for our full asking price in just 14 days!"

Mark & Mariley J.


What stands out most in my mind is that "you gave us the feeling that you were totally on our side." "Extremely patient and knowledgeable." "Justin waited for two hours w/ no lunch while we drove in circles. When we finally made it to his office, he didn't have an attitude and acted like he was glad to have our business anyway!"

Jimmy B.


"After 3 Realtors that I contacted before Justin came in, and more than two years with my home on the market, I never expected him to sell the home with so many odds against him - lots of foreclosures in the neighborhood and whether the bank was interested to go through the short sale process. In the end, Justin beat the odds and we were extremely grateful for everything he did for us." What I liked best and what stands out most is Justin's "state-of-the-art ads, patience, and thorough knowledge of his field, his initiative, resourcefulness & perseverance made a difference in order to achieve our goals. I & my wife would like to thank Justin for his efforts to sell our home and to avoid the stigma of foreclosure that would have haunted us for a long time. His help meant a lot to us. He is one of a kind."

Alejo P.


"Justin was awesome, very professional."

Cheryl D.


What I liked best about working with Justin was, he was "easy to deal with, knowledgable, attentive to detail and hard-working."

Mike V.


"Overall Justin did a great job! Communication was the key & he came through. Was a great experience"

Efrain R.


"We had to move out of state on a deadline, so we had to sell fast. We are so glad we called Justin Werner - he sold our house in just 57 days in a slow moving market where the average sale is taking 137 days. Thanks!"

Richard & Monica C. 


"You were always there to answer any question at any time of the day." Looking back what stands out most in your mind?: "You guiding us through this big important process in our life and making everything flow accordingly. With every setback in this process, you seemed to have a well thought of comeback. You don't give up, your assertiveness."

Jennifer R.


"Justin sold our home for us while we were out of state. He made great suggestions on the work needed to the home which put it in top showing condition and he met with and coordinated work needed on the house with my contractor many times. The first 2 offers/contracts didn't work out, but Justin stayed persistent in his marketing efforts and got us the offer we wanted. When the appraisal didn't come in where it needed to be, rather than let the deal die, he somehow still found a way to make it work and got it sold for us. I very much appreciate all his hard work."

Michael and Elida M.


"Thanks again for your patience and time. As a former locator, I know how hard your job is and I'm glad you were our Realtor! You did a great job."

Erica M.


Looking back what stands out most in my mind is "how quickly the house sold. Thank you Justin for dealing with our strange circumstances."

Dorothy T.


"I needed a house with specific requirements close to my family for under $100,000 in a neighborhood where the average sale price is over $139,000. Justin found me a home in this neighborhood and we got it for $95,000!"

Jim B.


"We looked at a lot of houses, and Justin was always happy to show them to us. We had difficult circumstances being military and military contractor, but even from Virginia and Iraq Justin did a great job representing us and getting our house on the date that we set."

Brandon & Elizabeth M.


"Thank you so much for making this all happen! We have loved working with you & will absolutely recommend you to anyone looking for a Realtor. We have been so impressed with your knowledge, skills and loyalty. We consider you as not just our Realtor, but as our friend."

Ben & Jan F.


"I needed to relocate to San Antonio for my job and I ended up buying a new KB home. Justin was there every step of the way to answer any questions I had along the way from the beginning of construction to the closing. I'll be sure to refer everybody I know who is moving to you!"

Ron S.


"Justin, you've been extremely helpful and nice. Very professional. Thank you for helping us find what will be an important part in our lives, Our home. Establishing here was not easy since we don't have family here. You've made it a quick, easy process. We've been anxious to come to this point already!! Thank you for your help."

Ricky G.


"You rock." "After another realtor listed my home for six months with few showings and no results, Justin not only sold my home in 24 days, but I got the full asking price, even in unfavorable economic times."

Jerry K. 


"Searching for my first home was made exciting and pleasureable by Justin. He was always available for questions or concerns, on-time for appointments, courteous, friendly, knowledgeable and overall just a pleasure to have as a Realtor."

Deborah J.


"With a very difficult loan type (203k) not used anymore by many lenders, Justin was very diligent in getting me to closing through many difficulties and now I'm a first time homeowner!"

Ramon R.


"Thanks again Justin for everything. I was completely satisfied and happy with the total transaction." What I liked best about working with you was "you are honest and straightforward in your business dealings. I would recommend Justin Werner to anyone! He is a very good realtor."

Patsy R. 


What I liked best about working with you was "you went above and beyond to make the transaction smooth. You are the best. I had the property on the market for 6 months with another Realty Co. and it never sold. Hired you and sold in less than 1 month. Thanks again."

Rachel J.


"Mr. Werner acted in a professional & ethical manner in all transactions & contacts that I had with him. He is an asset to RE/MAX."

Rodney T.


"I enjoyed working with Justin. He has a lot of knowledge of the area I was interested in, patient with me and kind."

Sandra W.


"What I liked best about working with Justin was that he worked hard to make it all as hassle-free as possible"

Eric M.